Jasmine Cervantes - Stylist

My name is Jasmine! I love everything makeup and hair. I enjoy meeting and getting to know new people.

My Regular Hours

Monday:Resting Day
Tuesday:10am - 6pm
Wednesday:Off you can find me on instagram
Thursday:12pm - 8pm
Friday:10am - 6pm
Saturday:8am - 4pm
Sunday:8am - 4pm


My first beauty school memory is when I walked in for the very first time, everyone was staring at me and looking at my dramatic makeup. Everyone around me had their own unique style, yet I was still much more dramatic. I felt so welcomed and it seemed as if I had been friends with my classmates for years when I really had just met them. That’s when I realized the beauty industry was for me – because being with other cosmetologists shows me different ideas of creativity and personality like no other type of person. I became a stylist because I want to make people feel beautiful and confident. I also love being creative and crafting my own style. I love enhancing my guests best features whether it’s by a pop of color or something soft and subtle, but having it still bring out the best in them. If I could be a personal stylist to any celebrity, I would pick Kylie Jenner. From what i see on her social media, I feel that we enjoy a lot of the same things, such as makeup and trying new hair styles/colors. I would love to be able to be her stylist. In my free time I love to see what’s new in the beauty industry. I love going taking online classes and tutorials to better myself as well as to learn more about products to better be able to customize a regimen for my guest.